2nd Graduation for the C25K runners at the Dunboyne 4 mile, Sunday 26th March

2nd Graduation for the C25K runners at the Dunboyne 4 mile, Sunday 26th March

A 2nd graduation for C25K runners who took on the challenge to run the Dunboyne 4 mile race on Sunday 26th March.  Most had been practising the route for a few weeks.  Some were nervous of this new challenge, some doubting if they would do it.  But as it happens, hey were all well able for it and well prepared.

Sunday arrived and the village was buzzing.  So many runners, so many supporters, the happiness was infectious.  All did the “8 loop” or the “bow loop” as they call it.  They listened to their coaches advice … careful going up the 1st mile as it is uphill, careful with the 2nd as it is downhill and can be hard on the knees and use up energy too early.  Prepare your smiles to go through the village, 3 miles done and a strong finish.

There were happy faces at the finish line and lots of talk and sharing of experiences in the Community Centre, where a fantastic spread had been prepared to help recharge the batteries. You all have to be sooo proud of yourselves! Well done everyone!!

Sorry if we’ve missed anyone
Adrian Tiernan 37:00
Adrienne Doyle 50:01
Ciara Malone 45:12
Damien O’Reilly 39:08
Dawn Tolan 55:05
Edel Keague 36:41
Eimear Tonge 36:41
Elaine Corcoran 40:15
Ilona Machinska 46:11
James Cleere 38:55
Janet Lowthe 44:19
Joe Hickey 31:19
John Corcoran 38:43
Kellyanne Moran 40:02
Liam Griffith 31:35
Lisa Bonner 46:04
Maria Murphy 55:05
Natalie Mahon 44:31
Niall Black 40:31
Niall Madigan 34:05
Peter Tolan 42:46
Sandra Paton 39:59
Sean Cox 34:09
Seán Glynn 31:23
Sheila O’Hagan 43:03
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