C25K Success stories: From Eimear (Gogan)

C25K Success stories: From Eimear (Gogan)

After just having my 2nd baby I was keen to get back out exercising. I have always found running hard. I never knew how to pace myself or what distance to do so when my friend Kellyanne suggested we do the couch to 5k I was thought “ya I’ll give that a go”. Our friend Edel join us too & it quickly became our 3 times a week catch up.The pacing, support & encouragement from the coaches really helped and of course, doing it with friends made it really enjoyable. We always went at our own pace & the running targets were always very achievable.

We have continued to run with the club with the fit for life group. The sessions are different every week but the support & encouragement is always the same.

I would highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about getting back to running or indeed starting running for the first time to check out the C25K, its been a really positive experience for me.

PS: Eimear is on the left

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