Couch to 5k Success Stories: Dawn Minihane

Couch to 5k Success Stories: Dawn Minihane

If I can run, you can run !

I joined C25K in January 2018. A friend had convinced a couple of us to join after a drink or two on New Years Eve.
I had tried C25K using an app before but nothing like the support you get from the crew at Dunboyne Athletic Club.
I must say there were tough nights but we knew that the C25K formula would work and would have us all running 5K at the end of the 8 weeks and when it worked the sense of achievement was immense.

I transferred to Fit for Life in March and the C25K led nicely into training for the Dunboyne 4 mile which was my first road race.
Loved that and went on to do the Dunboyne 5 mile, the Clonee 10 K and then the Swords 10 mile thanks to a race number being donated by a kind F4L member.

The 10 mile was great and I decided there and then to try a Half Marathon before 2018 was out and signed up for the Gingerbread Half Marathon in Portarlington which I completed in November with a friend I made in C25k.

I was delighted and honoured then to receive an award from the club as the F4L Newcomer of the year at the annual Awards Ceremony in Dunboyne Castle.

Running has improved every aspect of my health.
If you are thinking of joining, do it !

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