***DA’Camp, First of 15 classes, Saturday 9th January 2016***

***DA’Camp, First of 15 classes, Saturday 9th January 2016***

Our latest DA’Camp course got off to a flying start on Saturday as more than
2 dozen enthusiasts signed up for Dunboyne AC’s strength and conditioning
classes. It was great to see members and newcomers alike making good on
2016 fitness resolutions. Hello Rory Kavanagh, Paul Gannon, new friends,
strong cores, faster running times and toned bodies. Bye bye bingo wings,
excuses and hopefully, injuries!

Here’s an after shot of our Saturday morning DA’Campers; a little flushed by
the exercise but thrilled with the abs of steel already forming. It is
natural for abs, shoulders, glutes (and possibly a few other parts) to ache
a little for a day or two as they begin their journey to perfection. A soak
in Epsom salts and a walk will help relieve any aches or pains. By week 2
or 3, your body will be much more accustomed to these exercises and you’ll
have proof that the training is working and you’re getting stronger.

Don’t worry if you missed the first class. Come along next week and join
up. Still plenty of time and plenty of value left by signing up for the
full course. Obviously, you can turn up any week during the programme on a
pay-as-you-go basis. The exercises are explained at every session, so drop
in anytime.

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