Dunboyne AC Supporting Covid-19 Dunboyne Support Group

Dunboyne AC Supporting Covid-19 Dunboyne Support Group

Dunboyne Athletic Club will be supporting the COVID-19 Dunboyne Support Group.

We have put out a call for volunteers from our club.

Please pass the message below onto any elderly or vulnerable people who might need to avail of this service.

COVID-19 Dunboyne Support Group

This group has been created with a view to collaboration and partnership in our community during the current crisis.

Our volunteers will help the elderly, those in quarantine or self-isolated, vulnerable and other members of the community with tasks made difficult by the current situation.

Our volunteers will not be entering your home and they will identify themselves.

Be assured that all requests will retreated in confidence.

We can help by:

  1. Collecting Prescriptions
  2. Small shop
  3. Post office runs
  4. Other small essential tasks

If you think we can assist, please phone or text any of the following between 9AM and 7PM and we will return your call promptly to see how we can assist.

Dunboyne Friends of the Elderly – 083 170 6569

Dunboyne Cardiac First Responders – 087 630 6598

Dunboyne GAA – 087 285 6749

Dunboyne Athletic Club – 087 779 7876

Cllr. Marie Murphy – 087 657 9895

Cllr. Damien O’Reilly – 086 872 2645

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