Fit 4 Life on the road again. What a week

Fit 4 Life on the road again. What a week

Once again, F4L on the road and what a week!

Thursday Clonee 10k (part 2 of the 3 series DAC races)
You all saw there or ‘out the window’ the fantastic weather that was awaiting for out runners.
There are several things this race is famous for: it is flat (good for a PB) and Domino’s pizza afterwards. We had as well Avonmore protein milk! Getting better if possible every year.
While the non-running ones were setting the catering for all the runners afterwards, a large group of runners went over the N3 bridge to the Start line in the pouring rain, but this didn’t stop anyone, if anything made them faster.
It was a great race with a huge amount of PBs. Everyone enjoyed it, were smiling back at the Grasshopper and were very thankful about the race and spread afterwards.
You can find your results here!
Special attention to Siobhan Carey, Pauline Singleton and Lauren Flood who were respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their own categories. Sean Collins was 2nd in his.
Major achievement to the ones who did 10k distance for the 1st time.

Name Gross Time
Aine MURPHY 00:59:06
Anne GORMAN 01:03:02
Ann RYAN 00:57:42
Bernie MC GRENAGHAN 00:56:45
Brendan BEGLEY 00:49:18
Daniel HIGGINS 01:08:00
Eileen SORAGHAN 00:56:05
Elaine DONOVAN 00:51:06
Geraldine FAGAN 01:04:27
Gerry WALSH 00:52:02
Joan HODGINS 00:50:36
Joanne O’SULLIVAN 00:58:59
John CARNEY 00:51:57
Karen HARRIS 00:52:58
Lauren FLOOD 00:52:49
Lisa LORD 00:55:51
Lisa STEWART 00:52:51
Lyndon THOMAS 00:52:28
Maria REEVES 01:01:21
Michael AHERN 00:53:31
Michelle HIGGINS 01:03:34
Margaret COLEMAN O’REILLY 00:58:51
Nicola MCKERNAN 01:06:54
Noel LEDDY 00:58:41
Olywen READ 00:52:38
Pauline SINGLETON 00:54:04
Peter GERAGHTY 01:25:00
Robert BOUGHTON 00:52:41
Sam HAMILTON 00:52:36
Seamus DALTON 00:54:19
Sean COLLINS 00:52:07
Sharon KEARNS 00:51:16
Sinead WEBB 00:57:35
Siobhan CAREY 00:48:35
Stephen O’BEIRNE 01:24:43
Tom FITZPATRICK 01:01:20
Tom SCANLON 00:49:05
Apologies if we missed anyone, or ‘stole’ anyone ;o))

A special Thanks to all our volunteers who helped to organise the race and to those who helped on the night in so many ways. .
Also a special thanks to our sponsors. As a club we are sincerely grateful for your generous support.
Cllr Damien O’Reilly (main race sponsor)
The Grasshopper
Avonmore Protein Milk
Texaco Service station Clonee

View all photos from the race on our Flickr page, with thanks to Rob Webb and Claire Clifford:

We look forward to welcoming you all back to our Dunboyne AC Carton House 6K Trail race on Thursday 27th July (8pm) for more good fun, excitement and hospitality. You can register here for that event:

Roll on Carton House race!!!!

Friday night was the St. Coca’s AC, Kilkock 5k
Fit4Life runners were Lyndon Thomas 25:04 after a great race the day before at the Clonee 10k, and Janet Lowthe 31:03 and Deirdre Brady 31:17 who completed this year the C25K. They hardly miss any race. I understand them too well ;o))

Saturday’s Clontarf race:
Another race that is famous for something… sand and donuts!!!!
On the 5 mile category – 4 club members : Anne Hickey 57:48 , Billy Brannigan 45:43; Stephen Harte 36;42 and Vivienne Lennon: 44:42
Clontarf Half Marathon – 4 club members: Jackie Brannigan: 1:51:14; and three first time half marathoners: Ger O’Hagan and Nessa Murphy: 2:25:58 and Declan Collins: 2:40:34.
Well done everyone! Amazing results. Overall first timers and PB achievers!

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