Fit for Life at the Dublin Half Marathon

Fit for Life at the Dublin Half Marathon

The Dublin Half Marathon took place in its new location on Saturday 22nd Sept.  In spite of the obstacles put in the way; traffic chaos, parking, hills and lack of water and lucozade at the hydration stations, Fit for Life members put in some fantastic performances.  The results they achieved, many PBs included is a credit to them and their hard work and determination.

First male home was Pat Ryan and the women were led by Jackie Brannigan. For a core group of Fit for Life this journey to the Half began early in the new year when they joined the club for the first time. Some had to be coaxed, cajoled and convinced that they could complete a half marathon.  And now they’ve done it and done it in style!  They might just admit that they have been bitten by this running bug and some are even planning their next half. Congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations to all senior members who took part in the Half Marathon also.  It was great to see the club so well represented at the event.

For some Fit for life members the journey is not quite over and training for the Dublin City Marathon continues.  We wish them the best of luck in this adventure.

With thanks to Rob Webb for some great action photos!

Ana Quigley 2.37.12
Angela Egan 2.17.14
Ann Garrett 2.07.53
Ann Ryan 2.18.26
Aoife Hyland 2.17.48
Audrey Keane 2.11.58
Bernie O’Connor 2.27.58
Claire Clifford 2.24.45
Dan Higgins 2.26.21
Fiona Mc Gough 2.04.20
Geraldine O’Hagan 2.10.39
Gerry Walsh 1.58.13
Hilary Madden 2.37.12
Jennifer Clancy 2.04.30
Lisa Stewart 2.05.38
Michael O’Dwyer 2.06.56
Noel Leddy 2.09.14
Olywen Read 2.05.45
Robert Broughton 2.11.27
Sam Hamilton 2.04.09
Sinéad Webb 2.17.07
Stephen O’Beirne 2.05.34
Tom Fitzpatrick 2.28.55
Tom Scanlon 1.59.21


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