Fit4Life at Dublin Half Marathon

Fit4Life at Dublin Half Marathon

A record number of 30 Fit4Lifers lined up for the Dublin Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park on Saturday; a warm morning for 13.1 miles.

Congratulations to our Coach Gary O’Hanlon who was 5th overall in the race. Very well done to Martin Geoghegan who was first home for Fit4Life in a great time of 1.43.48 and to Rachel Gardner who led the ladies home in 1.49.09.

Special congratulations to those who were attempting the distance for the first time; Angela Egan, Ann Marie Gralton, David Dolan, Ellen Holian, Liz Harte, Lyndon Thomas, Rob Webb, Sam Hamilton, Sarah Faulkner and Sonia Taylor. Super runs were achieved by all. A half-marathon is a fantastic achievement you should be very proud of.

Well done to our more regular half-marathoners for maintaining and improving the fitness levels; plenty of PB’s were recorded on Saturday.

Hard luck to Lisa Lord and Louise Taylor who, having completed all the training, were forced to withdraw from the race due to injury, and to Billy Brannigan who sensibly decided to pull out halfway through the race due to a recurring injury also. Tough, but wise, choices!

Thanks to our coaches for all the preparation, sincere thanks to Alan McKernan and Mick Foy for their considerable support over the past few months and to all supporters who turned out on the day. Well done to everyone whose names and times are listed below.

Apologies, we missed Rachel Gardner who led the ladies home. Well done Rachel. Super run.

We were very saddened to hear that a fellow athlete passed away just before the end of the race. Our thoughts and prayers are with the young man, his family and friends. Rest in Peace.

Ana Quigley 2.19.03
Angela Egan 2.22.14 Debut
Ann Garrett 2.02.34
Ann Marie Gralton 1.59.11 Debut
Aoife Hyland 2.09.05
Bernie O’Connor 2.08.00
Billy Brannigan DNF
Claire Clifford 2.32.17
Clare Bexon 2.22.29
David Dolan 1.59.57 Debut
Eileen Soraghan 2.09.40
Ellen Holian 2.46.09 Debut
Gary O’Hanlon 1.11.24 5th overall
Hilary Madden 2.08.26
Jackie Brannigan 1.54.28
Jennifer Clancy 2.07.46
Laura Noonan 2.02.15
Lauren Flood 1.56.49
Lisa Lord DNS
Liz Harte 2.25.55 Debut
Louise Taylor DNS
Lyndon Thomas 2.02.08 Debut
Margaret Leddy 2.14.14
Martin Geoghegan 1.43.48
Rachel Gardner 1.49.09
Rob Webb 2.14.31 Debut
Sam Hamilton 2.30.30 Debut
Sarah Faulkner 1.55.51 Debut
Sinead Webb 2.19.43
Siobhan Campbell 1.59.26
Sonia Taylor 2.28.38 Debut
Stephen O’Beirne 1.54.17
Vivienne Lennon 2.15.53




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