Fit4Life at the inaugural Great Ireland 5k Sunday 10th April, 10.30am

Fit4Life at the inaugural Great Ireland 5k Sunday 10th April, 10.30am

(Thanks to Claire for the report)

The Great Ireland Run is one of the most popular race fixtures of the year but some of us are slightly allergic to those hills on the 10k route so it was with great joy we discovered that a new event, the Great Ireland 5k, was being added for 2016.

Three of the Fit4Life crew took on the 5k challenge – Alessandra Verri a new recruit to the Club running in the Dunboyne colours for the first time along with Louise Taylor and myself Claire Clifford who have both been struggling with injuries over the winter and are just getting back to full training in recent times.

Bitterly cold and with an icy wind blowing through the Phoenix Park we lined up for the start with over 700 other athletes all wishing they’d hurry up with the start gun so we could get moving. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long and we set off along Chesterfield Avenue. This was an unusual 5k route through the Phoenix Park. Usually the 5k runs take a route around the more southern side of Chesterfield Avenue but because of the bigger race happening later in the day and with road closures already in place for that we were able to take in both sides of the Park (and avoid all those hills!). We turned onto North Road, around by Blackhorse Avenue before heading back to Chesterfield Avenue where we did a loop around from the 2 to 3km marks while being entertained by a samba band before heading down by the Ordnance Survey offices. This is where we hit a challenge, turning the corner at the 4km marker to head up Furze Road we were met with full on head winds all the way to the finish line but nothing was going to stop us and we all finished in windswept style to collect our medals, t-shirts and goodie bags. Thanks to Olywen Read and to Ana Quigley who seemed to pop up everywhere around the course taking photos and giving us much needed encouragement before heading off to run the 10k later in the day themselves.

This is a lovely fast 5km with lots of support along the way. It’s definitely one to add to the running calendar for the 5km enthusiast (especially if you don’t like hills!).

Alessandra Verri 29:24 (PB)
Claire Clifford 28:58 (PB)
Louise Taylor 28:26

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