Fit4Life Clean Up at Bohermeen 5 Mile

Just when we thought Fit4Life had already achieved everything that could possibly be achieved, Sunday was yet another first for us as we left Dunboyne with 3 women and 2 men all set to form a mixed relay team in the Bohermeen 5-mile race. We noted that conditions were good for running; dry, cool and still.

We were particularly delighted to see our newest club member, Annette Conroy step up to join the team, a mere week after joining. We love recruiting people anyway, and good sports are always a bonus. Claire Clifford and Rob Webb, who have made an enormous contribution to the club since they joined less than a year ago, were also game ball for this fun challenge. And we hardly have to tell you who the other two suspects were; Angela “Envelope” Egan and Lyndon “Let’s all get out there racing and fun-running” Thomas.

The team members were relaxed, secure in the knowledge that this was a fun outing with no expectations or pressure from the rest of the team. They arrived for registration and were met by Pat Ryan, brashly taking on the entire Fit4Life team as an individual; the sheer arrogance of it! We rose above it and wished him well once we realised he had brought daughter Emily down to compete; the darling of Fit4Life, currently impressing as a Senior. We must stop bullying Pat……. but not yet.

With one mile per person, the team decided the running order would be Lyndon to lead off, followed by Claire, Rob and Angela and Annette to anchor us home onto the Bohermeen track to the roar of the crowd. With so many of our most supportive Senior clubmates in action; Ciara, Claire, Emilia, Emily, John, Laura, Phelim and Ray, with Ken and Damien McDonagh in support and with Coaches Kavanagh and O’Neill having cycled all the way down, we were confident of a rousing reception whatever the result.

Pat Ryan ran a tremendous race, clocking 37.44 and placing 3rd in his category; fully vindicating his decision to tackle the 5 miles solo. An eagle needs room to spread his wings! Congratulations Pat, very well done.

The team followed very closely behind, clocking 40.49 and winning the mixed team relay. What a result, from a team formed more out of team-spirit than expectation. It just goes to show, you have to be in it to win it!! And win it we did! Huge congratulations to our ace team who did us proud and took us to our first Fit4Life team win and the top of the podium. Coach Kavanagh was extremely proud to pose with our Fit4Life winning team in their prize t-shirts. Our fantastic 5 were presented with these tees for winning the mixed relay at the post-race reception. We particularly enjoyed the great spread laid on by Bohermeen AC, secure in the knowledge that we had claimed victory in the relay. We graciously accepted all the kudos offered by our gracious Senior clubmates for our triumph. Even Senior Coach O’Neill seemed proud of our winning Fit4Life relay team. Far be it from us to be immodest, or to milk it, so we’ll just humbly say it once; we were pleased with our win.

Some great photos were taken by Peter Mooney. Thanks as always. Here’s the link:

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