Fit4Life @ Docklands 5k – Three sheep lost in Leixlip.

Fit4Life @ Docklands 5k – Three sheep lost in Leixlip.

The Docklands 5k is one of my favourite races.  The route is flat, the atmosphere is great and for someone who rarely goes into Dublin there is always something special about this trip for me.  My running partner, Lyndon, had abandoned me for a trip to the UK and had given his number to Janet.  As it is time for me to start hunting for a new running partner (as Lyndon is sadly leaving us) I thought no better time than now to start the interview process.  Lyndon is stickler for arriving early to events and pre-planning his routes so the pressure was really on both Janet and Deirdre.  However, as they claimed to be seasoned travellers into Dublin I felt assured that I was in safe hands.  The plan was, to take the train into town and avoid the hassle of parking.  We arranged to get the 5.38 train into Docklands and the 9.19 pm train back.  All appeared to be going well even though the girls appeared to be convinced that the train was going to Connolly.  We chatted all the way until suddenly realizing that we had been stationary in Docklands for some time and almost ended up returning to Dunboyne, but we did manage to get off the train just in time.

Got to the baggage area, had a relaxing coffee and did a warm up in the very humid weather.  We met up with Peter Somba and had a chat.   As usual there was a great atmosphere and the weather was wonderful, but very hot.  The race began and we all made it safely to the finishing line.  I was just back from my holidays and I must admit that I really did struggle and felt the effects of my holiday overindulgence but I also enjoyed the run.  Janet got another PB and Deirdre ran a great race.  We were all very happy.  As we were about to head for home we realised that I was due to get a prize so back we went to the prize giving and the after run party.  Lovely food and we enjoyed the event.

We finally headed off to Connolly station to catch the 10.19pm train feeling a little tired and cold.  Although we were aware that we had to change at Clonsilla Station we became distracted once we started talking, or when Janet started talking to me as Deirdre was on another planet thinking that she had to get off at Castleknock.  Suddenly we realised that we had passed the station and were two stations beyond Clonsilla.  Like sheep we got off the train somewhere in Leixlip in the hope of getting a taxi.  The station was deserted and we had no idea where we were and there was no hope of getting a taxi.  So, we sat in the station and waited to get back on the same train coming from Maynooth.  This time we managed to connect with the Dunboyne train and arrived home safe and sound, at last.


What an eventful night that we had. I think that we left our brains in Dunboyne and should not have been let out alone or without Lyndon.  We started out on the 6th and got home on the 7th having hit three counties.   As for the interview for a replacement well what do you think?  However, as we did arrive in on time and we did enjoy ourselves and enjoyed our run and I really enjoyed the company I think that I have found new running partners.  Thank you, Janet and Deirdre, for a memorable night and I would love to run with you both again.  Janet and I are giving it another go next week when we plan to do the Celbridge 5k.  Hopefully we will make it there and back without any diversions.


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