***Dunboyne AC at Battle of Clontarf, Monday 17th April 2017***

***Dunboyne AC at Battle of Clontarf, Monday 17th April 2017***

On Easter Monday Fit4Life Ana Quigley, Lyndon Thomas and Angela Egan (fresh from Sunday’s successful running) took part in the Battle of Clontarf 10-mile race.  Ana and Angela travelled together with Anne Gorman, Honorary Fit4Lifer ;o) while Lyndon was doing a 10 mile warm up before the 10 mile race!

Lyndon arrived very tight to the start line having the other 3 ladies looking for him. No comment.

The weather was great. Perfect conditions for the race. A bit chilly at the start but we warmed up very soon.

The route was two loops to St. Anne’s park. Anne Gorman and myself felt it was our park  ;o)))

First of the 4 was Angela arriving in 1h35 mins… 8 MIN PB!!!! Another great day for Angela who secured 2nd place in her category.

Anne and Anne ran together the first 5 miles, Anne then was going to take it easy as she had not done the distance in a long time.  Ana finished in 1h37mins, Anne made it in 1h 39. Lyndon was cooling down after the 10 mile warm up finishing in 1h39 as well  ;o)))

All very happy.

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