***Fit4Life’s Sinead and Rob Webb at The Fat Turkey Run, Howth, 28th January***

***Fit4Life’s Sinead and Rob Webb at The Fat Turkey Run, Howth, 28th January***

(With thanks to Sinead for coming up trumps with this report when asked.)

Was a busy bee on the lead up to Christmas and didn’t have time to think much about a new race.  My running buddy Olywen, suggested the Fat Turkey 10k Run on 28th December.  She had done it last year and said it was a good one.  When she told me it was 5K up to Howth summit but downhill on the way back I nearly laughed and said no way.  But then I thought of all the lazy days I would have over Christmas and suggested it to Rob and we were hooked.  Rob booked us in on 20th so there was no turning back.  The challenge was on.  The weather forecast on Christmas Eve was lots of rain, just at the exact time we were due to start the run, so I just put it out of my head and ate turkey instead!

The weather started to look better as the days went on so my enthusiasm picked up, well kinda at least.

The morning started with my friend having to pull out of the run due to feeling poorly, so on with Rob & I on our own.  I asked Rob to run with me but he said I have my music all ready so I was on my own, LOL.

Once we got to Suttonians RFC, eventually, we were pointed in the direction of a parking spot, so I hopped out to get the numbers and t-shirts.  They were well organised and very helpful. Sorted out very quickly.  We sat back into the car to keep warm and to decide what layers to wear.  As most runners were wearing the Fat Turkey t-shirt, we decided to wear it as an extra layer.

With 15 mins to the start time we headed up to the start line, where only the brave few were waiting.  All of a sudden there was an influx of runners all ready to run.  The lovely guy in the Fat Turkey Suit started the run and off we went.  At least we knew that it was uphill all the way and it didn’t disappoint!  The first 2k was all uphill and then with a little reprieve for about 500m, then another long hill, you could feel the difference in the road level with your legs, you didn’t need to see it at all.  Any flat was magic and the upward journey was moving along.  The rain had started but it didn’t deter, it was the wind as you turned the next bend would determine what speed you could run at.  There was a lovely part of the uphill where the wind was at your back and it felt you were being lifted up the hill.  As we neared what we thought was the 5k marker, we were made run up the side of the pub right to the top and around the car park! The wind was almost blowing us backwards down the hill.

And then it was, downhill….. The joy!! I bounded back down. It was amazing to be able to run and not feel the struggle in your legs.  I was passing other runners! Rob who is still recovering from illness had ran so well up the hill but started to find it harder to breath so he said go on and don’t wait for him.  So that was me gone.  I was at the same pace as other fellow runners and as I started to flag near the last 500m, they encouraged me along as unknown to myself I had been their motivation.  I crossed the line, delighted with myself and thanked the woman who had given me the push I needed.  Water bottle and banana in hand, I turned to look for Rob.  Not far at all behind me despite his sickness.

We were very happy with our times and we strolled back to the club house hoping that there might be a cup of tea when we got there.  And there was, I love a cup of tea after the run and I was not disappointed, a short queue later and a Jaffa cake in hand we were sorted.  Plenty of nibbles to go around, even the odd scone.  Having taken a selfie at the start of the run, we asked a fellow runner to take our picture however his finger proved too much for the camera, so we had to make do and took a picture at home! Lol.

Tired but happy as always after a run!

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