Fr Murphy 10K – Easter Sunday

Fr Murphy 10K – Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday saw the last of the Meath Championships road races for 2018 (with only the road relays this coming Sunday to follow). 

14 club members made the commitment to burn calories ahead of a day of Easter Egg eating. 

It was a successful day for our men in both the open race and the Meath Championship with the team of Rory Kavanagh, Gerard Martin, Alan McKernan and Stephen Devlin winning both.


First home for the club was Rory Kavanagh, in a time of 34:46, who was won Gold for Meath and was second overall next to a very impressive Lithuanian runner who represented his country at the Olympics. Next home was Ger Martin in 5th overall, first in his age category and 3rd in the Meath Championship in a time of 36:05. Alan McKernan followed over a minute later winning his age category (O25’s) in the open race and the Meath Championship with Stephen Devlin closely behind in 38 minutes to make the 4th member of the winning team.


Super Jim Lineen was only seconds behind Stephen and displaying great team spirit in the later stages of the race as he used up much needed energy shouting like William Wallace in Braveheart to make Stephen aware of Meath competitors approaching on his heels. Indeed – rather than chasing Stephen down for personal gains, he put the team first to ensure the team’s success. Jim managed to finished 3rd in his age category for the open race and bronze for his age category in the Meath Championship too. Stephen with true grit and determination adhered to the warning from Jim to dig in and ensured he maintained his place to the benefit of the team. A massive hats off to Jim and Stephen for their super team work.


Early into the 39th minute Warren ‘The Headband Bandit’ McIntryre came very impressively through the finish line.  Warren was unsure of his current ability but surpassed his expectation with a super performance.  Rob Hale, had raced last week in the 4 miler yet still ran a superb race coming in 20 seconds over 40 minutes on heavy legs. Next stop for Rob will be access to the sub 40 Minute handshake as his current great form continues.  Coach Tony O’Neill made a great return to road racing as he ran a brilliant 42 minute time coming 4th in his age category. Ray ‘The Mitcho’ Mitchell ran his fastest time in over 2 years coming home in the low 47’s.  This race regular is showing signs of getting back to PB form as all that endurance gained from running through the Wicklow mountains pays off. 

 Only seconds behind Ray was Tony Martin winning his age category also (just like his son) and displaying where Gerards speedster genes come from as he improves week by week.  Tony picked up an age category award for the second week in a row. It was a very good day for the Martin household with more to come.


Emily Ryan was our first lady home just a minute later as she juggles college and running to great effect finishing with a smile. Her dad, Pat Ryan, soon followed showing great commitment to racing as he only landed from Spain at 3am and not only attended the race, but won his age category too.


Nicola ‘The great ones wife’ Mc Kernan was next home running it in 64 minutes. On learning that Alan had won Nicola pleaded with the other lads to offer her husband a lift home but they refused as the risk of having to listen to him was simply too much. Poor Nicola!

Well done to all for making the effort to attend this great race and congratulations to all on a very successful day for the club.

Thanks to Fr Murphy’s AC for their great hospitality and very well organised race.


Thanks to Roisin Lineen for the great photos which can be found here…


1st Team – open race & Meath Championship – Rory, Ger, Alan, Stephen & Jim


1st Meath man and second overall – Rory Kavanagh – 34:45

5th overall and 1st in his age category – Gerard Martin – 36:06

1st in age category in open race and Meath- Alan McKernan – 37:37

4th Team score with best shaved head of the day – Stephen Devlin – 38:00

Team Legend & sportsmanship of the day – Jim Lineen 38:08

The Headband Bandit- Warren Mc Intyre – 39:22

The near future access to the secret handshake sub 40 man  – Rob Hale 40:21

Coach Tony O’Neill – 42:27

Ray ‘Mitcho’ Mitchell – 47:02

1st in his age category open race and Meath – Tony Martin 47:21

First Dunboyne Nurse – Emily Ryan 48:54

First in his age category in open race and Meath – Pat Ryan – 49:52

First wife to a great husband  – Nicola McKernan 64:55

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