Great Pink Run, Phoenix Park, Saturday 27th August 2016

Great Pink Run, Phoenix Park, Saturday 27th August 2016

Breast Cancer Ireland’s annual Great Pink Run turned the Phoenix Park pink yet again on Saturday. Oestrogen levels were off the chart as women were out in force to walk, jog or run for the 1 in 9 women who develop breast cancer in their lifetime. And as we all know someone who’s been affected, it’s not surprising that there were also many men and children out in support too. The sun shone, though perhaps a little too brightly, making for hot and humid conditions.

The 10K option got underway at 10am with a massive field of 2,000. Sonia O’Sullivan, ambassador for the 10K challenge, lined up with our own 10K aficionados Adrian Tiernan, Brian Moore, Joan Hodgins, Karen Harris, Martin Dillon and Noeleen Fallon, who were as impressive as ever over the distance. They were joined by Jean O’Malley and Sharon Kearns who intrepidly stepped up for their first ever 10K on this challenging double loop through the Furry Glen, complete with the usual hills. Double loops are never easy but that didn’t deter our dynamic duo who clocked fantastic times just barely outside the hour. The large crowds of fun-runners and walkers make for a wonderful atmosphere, but the resulting congestion slows times considerably, so the much coveted hour-mark beckons for these 2 women. Well done, fantastic debuts ladies! Take a bow!

Anne Hickey, Ger Fagan, Maria Hughes and Sharon Meenan lined up for the 5K option at 10.40 which also boasted a 2,000-strong field as the day got even hotter. We will modestly bat away full credit and admit that the sun was partly responsible for the soaring temperatures. Our 5K crew battled heroically through heat and crowds to rush back for medals, Avonmore Milk and a reunion with our 10K clubmates.

We’ll have the camera out again on Tuesday to capture the full Pink Run contingent, so wear your pink t-shirts and medals. Adrian, you can wear your pink wig and pink shades too if you like; might as well get the extra wear out of them!

Well done to everyone who took part. Names and times are listed below for what they’re worth. But this one is really a fun-run to raise funds for research, to support strong women and increase awareness of the importance of regular checking, ladies!


Adrian Tiernan 62.04

Brian Moore 62.04

Jean O’Malley 61.37

Joan Hodgins 54.01

Karen Harris 56.31

Martin Dillon 54.02

Noeleen Fallon 66.12

Sharon Kearns 60.08


Anne Hickey 37.35

Ger Fagan 32.49

Maria Hughes 37.08

Sharon Meenan 41.43

IMG_0477 IMG_0934 IMG_0937 IMG_0940 IMG_0942

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