Interested in early morning training?

Interested in early morning training?

Exciting news – the club is proposing a new training time – first thing in the morning! Coach Paul Gorey is willing to coach one or two early morning sessions at the track – 6.30-7.30 am, Wednesdays and (if there’s interest) Fridays. If early morning running suits you, or if you find it difficult to make evening sessions, this could work for you!

The sessions will be run on a trial basis during the month of September to gauge interest. Comment below, tag a friend to let them know about this, or message us with any questions. If you’ve been considering membership but the training times didn’t suit you, this could work for you, and membership rates are reduced from 1st Sept to year end.

The first session will be Wednesday the 5th of September. Training will reflect the Fit4Life sessions of the previous evening, and will also be suitable for senior athletes’ recovery runs. All members very welcome. Spread the word!

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