**Meath League Day 2, Navan 18:45**

Tomorrow night Wednesday April 19th is the Meath Track & Field League Day 2 for all Juvenile ages (along with some events for seniors and masters). There will BE NO CLUB TRAINING and we will be meeting up instead at the track in Navan. We ask that every available Juvenile and Senior try make an extra effort to turn up and compete for your club. Regardless of your preferred event this is a very important night of the league. Dunboyne AC as the largest club in Meath should by default have the biggest numbers.

The Meath League & Championships whilst quite competitive it is not as tough as Leinster or as strict as National level. It acts as a positioning for the outdoor Leinster and national Track & Field. Its a great opportunity and experience to try new events and a nice introduction to our younger U/9 & U/10 Athletes. We encourage all Dunboyne AC athletes to part take in all events on track and field. This event helps develop talent, bring out the best in the kids’ ability and gives them, the Athletes, a competitive bug as they experience a fun environment with an opportunity to win medals with their friends.

The league is particularly interesting because Dunboyne AC competes against all other Meath clubs at both Juvenile and Senior level. All points count for the club and it’s great for the Juveniles to see their coaches and parents partake in events knowing it’s for their club. So please if you have any interest in Athletics regardless of your ability, we encourage you to compete with us.

You can experience all running events from 60M to 5000M, to LJ & HJ to Shot and even a ball throw for nostalgic reasons. We came 2nd for the last 3 years running to Ratoath our local rivals and as the biggest Athletics club in Meath we would like to win this year as we have the largest numbers.

So parents, if not already, start training, invest in a pair of spikes and try beat your own kids times on the track, jump higher/longer or throw further. Any questions please contact me, Keith Eglington.

Clairemount Stadium, Navan  Wednesday April 19th 18:45
U9 (2009) 250m & Long Jump
U10 (2008) 300m & Turbo Javelin
U11 (2007) 300m & Turbo Javelin
U12 (2006) 300m & High Jump
U13 (2005) 600m & Shot
U14 (2004) 800m & Long Jump
U15 (2003) 800m & Shot
U16 (2002) 1500m Discus
Junior, Senior & Masters 1,500m:- 8.30pm & Discus

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