Spring Half Marathon and 10K, Bohermeen (11th March 2018)

Spring Half Marathon and 10K, Bohermeen (11th March 2018)

 (Thanks to Alan McKernan and Siobhan Campbell for the report)

Dunboyne AC were very well represented in both the Half Marathon and 10K event at Bohermeen on Sunday with 43 athletes across both races.  The Half marathon event also combined the Meath Championship race and our competitive teams were well prepared following a number of months of focused training.

It was a fresh but humid morning but very pleasant when compared to the severe cold weather of recent weeks which meant that for some training for these races had been seriously curtailed.  All were up for the challenge however, and, as it happens, it was a very successful day.

We had three seniors in the 10K race. First home was Ciara Devitt in 44 minutes. A few minutes later Ray ‘Mitcho’ Mitchell followed (before he left to join the Dunboyne parade).

First Fit for Lifer to finish the 10K was David Dolan in a fantastic PB time of 48.09 (David has recently joined his training with the seniors and is now setting personal best in training. Dave is on for a super year and he will reap the benefits of his step up in training as PB’s will roll in). David was followed closely by Pat Ryan in 49.39.  This was Orla Finn’s first 10K and she ran it in style, finishing just inside the hour in 59.59.  Well done Orla, the first of many 10Ks?!

Thanks to the 10k guys after their own race for their cheers and support of the Half Marathon athletes.


It was a morning of PBs for those Fit For Life members taking part in the Half Marathon.  Lauren Flood was first home with a new PB of 1.50.47.  There were PBs also for Siobhan Campbell (1.56.58) and Ana Quigley (2.12.15).  And to cap it all, 4 Meath Championship medals, Gold for Angela, silver for both Lauren and Siobhan and bronze for Lyndon.


The first Senior member home for the club was ‘The Kanturk Flyer’ Donal Cashin in a time of 1h18minutes. Donal was second overall Meath Man and also had the fastest time of his age category. Second home was Alan McKernan with a PB of 1 minute in a time of  1:20 winning gold in his age category (he got an ice cream after the race which he was probably more excited about). Third was the great, if a little nuts, Gerry O’ Reilly who won silver in his age category despite not fully racing but using the race as a tempo session; Gerry completed over 21 miles in total (2 prior to the race and over 6 afterwards) as he prepares for his marathon in Rotterdam in a few weeks’ time. Gerry is being guided by Alan for the Rotterdam marathon who instructed Gerry not fully race/don’t finish ahead of Alan. Ummmm! Annoyingly Gerry was still smiling after all this and looked fresh. Gerry is on for a super marathon. Stephen Devlin stormed home to a comfortable 1:24. Stephen is another targeting Berlin this year and will join the sub 3 gang there. Cheers to Stephens dad, Mick, for the support to our members en-route.

Jim Lineen soon followed after this to an emphatic 4 minute PB. Seriously though, when will this end. Unreal running from this great man. Loughlin Campion (1:25) was next as he sauntered home after his 8K cross country race the previous day – sure what’s another 13 miles between friends. Kevin Clancy, arrived a few seconds after Loughlin. Kevin decided to take in the wonderful Meath air for the first half of the race as he picked a few daisies, talked to a few people, played hide and seek with the water station kids, sang his favourite TV tunes to himself, but in the second half he put the foot down as someone had informed him that there was an ice cream van at the finish and also Brady’s was starting to fill. Cross country Warren finished strong in 1:26 as he gets back to his best week by week.


Queen Emilia was next (1:26) finishing 3rd woman and 1st Meath woman as her great form continues. Fair play to her hubby, the wonderful Cristi, for his support also. Claire Ni Fhaircheallaigh raced to a PB in just over 1:30 finishing fast and strong. Claire also won gold in her age category so a massive congrats to her. Rob Hale arrived a minute later following his beer and crisp Friday night out :). Super run Rob!!!! Rob will be attending the clubs new live in program as he moves in with Alan before his next race so he can be monitored 24/7. Four seconds later was John Meegan (Sarah the wino’s brother) also in 1:31 which is a super run for this returned member. John is getting married this year and asked me to inform all club members that they are invited to his wedding in Dingle. He said that his three brothers are his Best men which we can only assume are Alan, Kevin and Donal. Bring on the wedding!!!!


Mark Broughill came home in 1:32 as he completed his second half marathon in two days. Yep – 2 days – 2 half marathons. Mark could be the third member of the David Galbraith and Mick Foy mad runners Boy band. Mark without the first half marathon would be comfortably sub 1:30. Clodagh Dunphy baby sister of Norma McNuts was next in 1:36. This like Norma, who came home in 1:47, was their second half marathon in a matter of weeks following their excursion to Barcelona (when they bought no toblerones for us). Clodagh has decided to go with previous strategy next time doing the race hung-over as this strategy has worked before. Norma blanked her fellow club members as they cheered her home but on a positive her lipstick was perfectly unblemished.

Sarah Meegan achieved a well-deserved PB in running a 1.37. Training really paying off as she improves with every race. If we can keep her away from the wine we really feel she could make the next Olympics team, but there is a strong fear as her body comprises of 80% wine – to reduce this could be catastrophic.

Mark McDonald defied the laws of medicine and physiology (Marks words) to post a PB in 1.38. Considering this was a race he was never serious about until earlier in the week it was a super performance with more to come. He was joined by Mick Foy who continues his return to flying form with a very strong 1:38 also. The Hammer is truly back!!!! This man will improve with every race. Space this watch!!!!!!!

John ‘Lazarus’ O’Malley ran a super time of 1.39. It might not be Easter yet but John’s running form is definitely being resurrected. John is improving with every step and John has been awarded ‘Finish of the day’ with his trusted O’Malley sprint passing competitors with ease in the home stretch, that improvement will continue.

Giles Lord posted a 1.40 to show his strength early in the season. This was a great run so early in the year and there is definitely more to come judging by the ease with which he was on his 4th pint in Brady’s post-race. Michael O’Baille posted a very impressive 1.41 as he continues to power towards the Berlin Marathon. This is the end of phase one of training for all and you will see this man getting faster and faster in phase two and three. Knowing Michael he was on his 4th pint 10 minutes after the race.

Photos with thanks to Roisin Lineen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/151447904@N02/albums/72157664613140077

 Other photos available via both Bohermeen Facebook.

With thanks to Bohermeen for their hospitality and another successful race. We look forward to seeing them in number at the Dunboyne 4 Mile Race in a couple of weeks.


Meath Championship medals,

Overall Meath Champion…

  • Gold – Emilia Dan
  • Silver – Donal Cashin


Team Medals:

  • Gold – Women – Emilia Dan (1:27:03), Claire Ní Fhaircheallaigh (1:30:15), Clodagh Dunphy (1:36:09) & Sarah Meegan (1:37:46).
  • Silver – Men – Donal Cashin (1:1816), Alan McKernan (1:20:56), Gerry O’Reilly (1:21:55), Stephen Devlin (1:24:19), Jim Lineen (1:24:51), Loughlin Campion (1:25:25).


Category Medals…

  • Gold: Angela Egan, Emilia Dan, Alan McKernan, Claire Ni Fhaircheallaigh,
  • Silver: Lauren Flood, Siobhan Campbell, Gerry O’Reilly, Donal Cashin,
  • Bronze: Lyndon Thomas,



Name Net Time Event
David BROWN 00:59:52 10k
Mark BROUGHILL 01:32:19 Half-Marathon
Orla BRADY 02:07:54 Half-Marathon
Donal CASHIN 01:18:16 Half-Marathon
Loughlin CAMPION 01:25:24 Half-Marathon
Kevin CLANCY 01:25:41 Half-Marathon
Siobhan CAMPBELL 01:56:58 Half-Marathon
Ciara DEVITT 00:44:05 10k
David DOLAN 00:48:09 10k
Seamus DALTON 01:13:01 10k
Stephen DEVLIN 01:24:19 Half-Marathon
Emilia DAN 01:27:03 Half-Marathon
Clodagh DUNPHY 01:36:09 Half-Marathon
Angela EGAN 02:14:00 Half-Marathon
Brid FIRTEAR 00:49:53 10k
Orla FINN 00:59:59 10k
Mick FOY 01:38:33 Half-Marathon
Norma FARRELL 01:47:10 Half-Marathon
Aoife HYLAND 00:59:29 10k
Rob HALE 01:31:54 Half-Marathon
Cliona LARKIN 00:50:58 10k
Vivienne LENNON 00:57:59 10k
Janet LOWTHE 01:09:03 10k
Jim LINEEN 01:24:46 Half-Marathon
Giles LORD 01:41:00 Half-Marathon
Lauren FLOOD 01:50:47 Half-Marathon
Raymond MITCHELL 00:47:23 10k
Matthew MOFFATT 00:52:51 10k
Nicola MCKERNAN 01:03:59 10k
Alan MCKERNAN 01:20:56 Half-Marathon
Warren MCINTYRE 01:26:34 Half-Marathon
John MEEGAN 01:31:58 Half-Marathon
Sarah MEEGAN 01:37:46 Half-Marathon
Mark MCDONALD 01:38:15 Half-Marathon
Sean MANNING 02:21:42 Half-Marathon
Claire NI FHAIRCHEALLAIGH 01:30:15 Half-Marathon
Matthew NORMAN 02:07:29 Half-Marathon
Gerry O’REILLY 01:21:53 Half-Marathon
John O’MALLEY 01:39:39 Half-Marathon
Michael O’BAILLE 01:41:23 Half-Marathon
Ana QUIGLEY 02:12:15 Half-Marathon
Patrick RYAN 00:49:39 10k
Lyndon THOMAS 02:03:46 Half-Marathon


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