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Dunboyne 4 Mile Strava Flying Mile!
New this year is our Flying Mile! Like its name suggests, it’s a mile where you can put the foot down and see what you can do! And what better mile to do this than the last mile of the race. Once you hit the last mile marker, it’s time to put the foot down and see how fast you can make it to the finish line.

How it works
Entrants have to use Strava to take part in this. We will set out a segment on Strava for the last mile of the Dunboyne 4 Mile. If you use Strava already, you will automatically be given a time on Strava for this segment after you traverse it. You will need to upload your race from your watch onto Garmin/Strava before 9pm on the 25th March (race day). Strava will automatically collate the segment time for anyone who traversed mile 4 that day and calculate the fastest time. We will contact the winner with your prize the following day, and it will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and our website. There will be prizes for both Male and Female, but prizewinners from other categories will be excluded.

Not on Strava? Easy – just download the app, set up a free account and start using it. Simply set up your Garmin so your watch uploads go automatically onto Strava. Every time you upload your watch runs they’ll appear on Strava. It’s a fun social media tool for runners: connect with your club and other running friends and you can see their runs as well as yours.

Here’s the map of the  last mile on Strava: