Summertime at Fit4Youth

During the Summer, we at F4Y decided to take a break on Wednesdays and meet on Mondays only for July and August. Although a lot of our members were either away at the Gaeltacht or on holidays, or indeed still competing in Community Games etc,. we still had a good turnout from both the non-competitive and competitive groups.
Declan (Nyhan) who Coaches some of our Club Field-event Athletes, (some of whom have had excellent results in both National and International events already this year), took time out from his busy schedule to give our Fit4Youth members some Coaching on Javelin & Shot Putt disciplines.
This was a fun evening which was enjoyed by all, with a little bit of the competitive element thrown in.
Declan will come to our group again in September, this time to maybe try Long Jump etc.
All members should have a go at the Field events, as many of those who tried them certainly looked comfortable doing them.
Thank you Declan, we appreciate your interest in F4Y.
Jessica & Megan represented F4Y at the Clubs Carton Trail Race, and although very new to races, they both finished on the very same and brilliant time of 45.36 mins.
Fit4Youth ethos was demonstrated by the girls as they supported each other from start to finish around the course. (The girls also lined out in the ‘Air Run’ in Malahide in August-Looks like they’ve got ‘the running bug’)
A big thank you to our F4Y volunteers in Carton, who, among other tasks, gave out the medals ‘with their usual smiles’.
Volunteering at events is very important and we need your help for this. It is also a great way of getting to know others in the group, that you may not get to talk to at training.
Reports have already been written on FB, but well done again to all of our F4Y athletes who have competed this year so far.
Your dedication to Training has certainly paid off, as you have had amazing results.
For those who are not interested in competing, we hope that you will continue to enjoy the Training and come along each Monday & Wednesday from now on.
Now that you are meeting your friends at school, encourage them to join. Fit4Youth is for everyone, no matter what level of fitness that you have or want to get to. There will be a Special rate to join to the end of the year.…/151447904@N02/sets/72157684829453232

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