Sunday 4th of Feb brought many club members to Trim for their excellently run annual 10 mile race! combining the Meath 10 Mile Championship!!

Sunday 4th of Feb brought many club members to Trim for their excellently run annual 10 mile race! combining the Meath 10 Mile Championship!!

Headline Results Meath Championship…

  • Individual Ladies

⁃         Emilia Dan, Gold Medal (First Meath Lady home overall!)

⁃         Lauren Flood, Silver Medal, Age Category.

⁃         Mary Martin, Gold Medal, Age Category.


  • Individual Men

⁃         Donal Cashin, Gold Medal, M40.

⁃         Gerry O’Reilly, Gold Medal, M45.

⁃         Alan McKernan, Silver Medal, M45.

⁃         Lyndon Thomas, Bronze Medal, M55.

⁃         Sean Collins, Gold Medal, M60.

⁃         Noel Duffy, Silver Medal, M60.


  • Team Ladies

⁃         Silver Medal, Meath Championship, (4 to Score).

⁃         Emilia Dan

⁃         Claire NíFhaircheallaigh

⁃         Clodagh Dunphy

⁃         Lauren Flood


  • Team Men

⁃         Silver Medal, Meath Championship, (4 to Score).

⁃         Donal Cashin

⁃         Gerry O’Reilly

⁃         Alan McKernan

⁃         Stephen Devlin

Race Reports: (Thanks to Alan McKernan, Siobhan Campbell and Ana Quigley)

It was a cold, glove wearing ,day to start in Trim but by race start time the temperatures had risen to a tropical 6 degrees which resulted in most, bar Mick Foy, taking the gloves off and running barehanded. This was the first race of the year for most and for many, the first run since their autumn marathon so expectation were low, but as it transpired – results were high.

The group were given a new chaperone at the AGM in Alan McKernan brought in to ably assist Tommy with all things road races. He soon learned that gathering a men’s team was like trying to round up 4 hyperactive toddlers drunk on M&M’s, smarties, chocolate and cake. On Thursday whilst Alan and Donal were off for a team talk drive it was realised that Donal was unsure if he had registered for the race. Following this, with help from Alan, Emilia, Antoinette and Trim athletic – this was resolved as The Kanturk Flyer was now in and registered. On Saturday night another club member, speedster and potential fastest man of the day who will remain anonymous (we will call him ‘Merek Binnegan’) realised he also was not registered so had to withdraw from the planned team although Derek, I mean Merek had a niggle so it was probably no harm.

Warm up’s done and the many seniors and Fit 4 Lifers set off on this great well run race and course. The course was undulating at times, but very fair and conditions were borderline perfect with little wind and adequate humidity. Could there be PB’s? Could there what!!!

Our ladies of Super ‘Beautiful’ Emilia Dan, Karen O’Hanlon, Claire NI Fahaircheallaigh and Clodagh Dunphy won the overall ladies team award with a team including the speedy Fit-4-Lifer Lauren Flood taking silver in the Meath Championship. (Due to an administrative issue Lauren replaced Karen who was ineligible as a Dunboyne runner in the Meath Team) congrats and well done to Lauren.

A not unexpected result for Emilia as the first lady overall from any Meath club secured a well deserved individual GOLD medal too.

Our ladies have been a carriage of medals for the club for a few years now and this continued and will for the future as our club is raining female talent at the moment.

First Dunboyne Athlete home and a special mention goes to Donal ‘Nidge’ Cashin (The Kanturk Flyer) who race a time of 58:18, only seconds off a PB. Donal was determined to get a solid score on the cards for the team which he did despite pulling his hamstring and hobbling to a 5:45min pace for the last mile to the line. Yes – we both Love and Hate this flyer. Gerry O’Reilly followed as he completed his first road race in over 15 months. Gerry who is in training for a marathon in Rotterdam ran a PB and sub 60 minute 10 miler which is very impressive. Alan McKernan and Stephen Devlin made up the last 2 team places with Stephen, after racing a 5K on Saturday, put in a brilliant 62:50 performance despite only a few weeks training since the Dublin marathon. On realising he would be required to score Stephen ran a very determined race and dug in with true grit to get this time which resulted in a Meath silver for the lads and individual age group gold for Donal and Gerry!!

This is only one aspect of completing these races though. What’s just as exciting is the individual races by all our members which were absolutely super. Cian Mangan sprinted to a 3 minute PB in a time of  64 minutes. He was soon followed by our ‘senior runner of 2017’ Jim Lineen with Emilia Dan sandwiched between them. (Emilia won gold in her age category for the main race on top of overall gold in the Meath Championship) The 2 lads certainly had golden races with a super year ahead for both. There soon followed a plethora of Dunboyners as the 1:06-1:07 train arrived at the finishing station carrying Karen O’ Hanlon, new member Mark Broughill, Rob Hale, Claire Ni Fhaircheallaigh with Rob and Mark getting PB’s and Claire not far off one. Mark has been flagged as one to watch for the year- watch this space.

Next were new senior member Brian Keenan and Mark (no students) McDonald with impressive 71 minute races with Mark obtaining a near 5 minute PB as did mo chara Michael O‘Baille coming home in 1:14. Both are reaping the rewards for consistent commited winter training and being 2 beautiful people.

The male half of The Hamiltons arrived home in 76 minutes. This was to be an easy run for Geoff who took on a 50K challenge last Saturday in Donadea forest which he smashed as there is no slowing this man. Tim Fogarty and Mick ‘ The Hammer’ Foy stormed home seconds later as more improvements were had by the lads who are getting back to great form. Geoff is just one Hamilton at DAC and well done to his better and more beautiful half Sam on another amazing race. Geoff and Sam’s new TV show ‘ Getting fitter and faster’ is coming to a TV near you in the spring. They will be signing copies of their book in Eason’s on Sunday.

The mighty O’Malley, our new PRO, on the road from recovery came home to an impressive 78 minutes as he stormed to another weekly improvement. The same for Antoinette Brannigan who is improving every week came home a couple of minutes later as she headed from the finish line to the bushes to play hide and seek, but Claire soon found her.

The 3 degrees of super pacer Annette Conroy, Elaine Donovan and Lisa Stewart came home in 1:25 running just over 8 minute miles. It looked like great team work occurred here as Annette led the girls to super races and observing the joyous reactions on all at the finish line, they very much enjoyed their achievement as they were rewarded for their great training. A massive well done girls!!!!

It was also great to see so many Fit for Life members from the club running the 10 Mile. Unlike the previous Sunday in Raheny, the weather was seasonably crisp, bright and chilly and as it happed very suitable for some great running.

Lauren Flood had the honour of being first Fit for Lifer home.  Not only that, she won 2 Meath Championship medals, one (GOLD) in her category and one (SILVER) as part of the ladies team.

As mentioned above Lisa Stewart (encouraged all the way by Elaine and Annette) achieved a 10 minute PB over this distance. This trio were followed closely by Lyndon Thomas scoring a (Bronze) medal in his age category with the aforementioned speedy Sam Hamilton just behind.

Mary Martin won her category on the day and also won a Meath Championship GOLD medal.

Other worthy winners of medals from Fit for Life were Sean Collins (Meath Championship GOLD) and Noel Duffy (Meath Championship SILVER).  Congratulations to you both, a fantastic achievement.

Well done also to Ciara Keenan and Siobhan Campbell who ran their first 10 mile race in Trim.  Siobhan said it was not as flat as she was told but she really enjoyed it. Must be the Hamilton’s spreading rumours that the races are flat.

Vivienne Lennon paced and supported Ana Quigley all the way. Both were delighted to be able to finish it.

Followed closely by Rob Webb and Noel Leddy who finished the race smiling.

Maria Reeves and Tom Fitzpatrick ran together as well immediately followed by Nicola McKernan finishing comfortably. Well done Nicola.

All in all, a great day out for Fit for Life and we look forward to many more throughout the year.

A special thank you and well done to Trim AC for their great race (Cream cakes) and hospitality which the 30+ registered from the club really enjoyed and will be back!!!!

A special mention to those who came out to support. Having Kevin Clancy at the top of the hill at mile 9 was both great and evil. Tommy provided great support at the start and finish cheering us home. We all wish Tommy a speedy recovery from his very recent knee surgery.


To help with the growing issue of our men being unable to register for races, we will be running a ‘how to register for races course’ this Saturday in the club house. This is a beginners level course and will involve googling, selecting a race, knowing your name, date of birth and the club you represent ‘DUNBOYNE AC’. There will be breaks and we will have qualified assistants at hand to help those requiring additional support.

An advanced level 2 course will occur the following week which involving ‘ using your credit card’ and ensuring you get an e-mail confirmation.

The results below are based on GUNTIME as the chip result is not listed and is only available from within each athletes record on the result page. (Further detail can be found here …

Alan McKernan 01:01:32

Ana Quigley 01:39:52

Annette Conroy 01:26:18

Antoinette Brannigan 01:23:25

Brian Keenan 01:11:11

Cian Mangan 01:04:57

Ciara Keenan 01:36:42

Claire NiFhaircheallaigh 01:08:04

Clodagh Dunphy 01:10:11

Donal Cashin 00:58:22

Elaine Donovan 01:26:19

Emilia Dan 01:05:18

Geoff Hamilton 01:16:34

Gerry O’Reilly 00:59:44

Jim Lineen 01:05:45

John O’Malley 01:18:41

Karen O’Hanlon 01:06:54

Lauren Flood 01:22:03

Lisa Stewart 01:26:19

Lyndon Thomas 01:27:28

Maria Reeves 01:51:49

Mark Broughill 01:07:05

Mark McDonald 01:12:13

Mary Martin 01:28:04

Michael O’Baille 01:14:55

Mick Foy 01:17:39

Nicola McKernan 01:52:53

Noel Duffy 01:37:48

Noel Leddy 01:45:16

Rob Hale 01:07:15

Rob Webb 01:43:48

Sam Hamilton 01:28:19

Sean Collins 01:25:13

Siobhan Campbell 01:28:59

Stephen Devlin 01:03:03

Tim Fogarty 01:17:37

Tom Fitzpatrick 01:51:49

Veronica Ward 01:32:33

Veronica Ward 01:36:51

Vivienne Lennon 01:39:52


Thanks a lot to Roisin Linnen for the photos

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