Triumphant season’s finish for our masters at the National Track & Field Championship 2017

Triumphant season’s finish for our masters at the National Track & Field Championship 2017

Sunday 2nd July saw the culmination of many months of hard training from our masters track and field athletes, looking to do justice to hours on the track and in the gym and to do the club’s coaches proud. The day was fine, a little breezy and the odd soft shower, but in general Tullamore Harriers grounds were in good shape for the day.

First up was the women’s 100 meters and to her delight, Roisin Bell took gold. New to the O45 category Roisin had one goal in mind but a very poor start left this in doubt but a good recovery meant the win was in the bag, with a PB time of 13.90 and gold for the club; a great way to commence the day’s proceedings. Fiona Tobin was up next and ran very strongly to finish in 5th position. We look forward to seeing what Fiona can do once free of injuries on race day.

The women’s 3000 was next, and here Jane Bandila was looking to build on her continued improvement over the season, which she did in style, running a very well-paced race to claim Silver in her category, and a PB time of 10.30 to boot. Smiles all round so far!

Next up was a great battle in Michael Cornyn’s 800m event: Michael led from the gun, resulting in a real battle at the finish with three athletes crossing the line within half a second of each other, a late surge getting two others just past, but a super race and a bronze medal for Michael.

We had a break for a couple of hours to get geared up for the next race on the cards, but in the meantime our throwers were in action on the field. Michelle Pilkington Street performed to her usual very high level, despite a recent bout of illness, and claimed 4th in the Javelin, Discus and Shot and silver in the Hammer. Congratulations Michelle! The club’s other master thrower of the day was Pat Newham who claimed silver in the O65 discus. Relatively new to the club, Pat transferred to the discus after a long term injury forced him from his natural right handed throw to his left hand, making this silver medal all the more remarkable. Well done Pat!

Back to the track and the 200s were up next. First up was Marie Tobin who ran strongly in a very competitive category to claim silver. Next was Roisin in her second race of the day, who ran well but was beaten into Silver position by a fellow Meath athlete. Fiona Tobin took her 200 on very strongly and again finished well, well raced Fiona, recover well. Helen Lonergan ran superbly in the same heat, finishing very strongly in what we believe was a PB time. Michael Cornyn had another good race in 200m winning Silver behind the world bronze medal winner Shane Sheridan.

The 400M was the last event for our Dunboyne crew of the day, with gold going to the every improving Marie Tobin in the Women’s O40. Marie’s dominance was threatened for a time but she maintained an incredibly strong and even pace, storming defiantly down the home straight well ahead of her rival and crossing the line in a PB time of 64.40 – fantastic running Marie! Helen Lonergan was up next and again put on a fantastic performance, a really strong and steady run, narrowly missing out on the medals. Next time Helen! Well done ladies. Finally, Michael set up his blocks in the last club race of the day, winning his 400 m by a large margin and claiming yet another gold for the club.

Thanks to the many officials who worked hard to ensure a well organised and enjoyable event for all and thanks again to our track and field coaches at Dunboyne AC for their tireless and patient efforts to bring the group this far. Kudos to Kay Gilmartin spent the day cheering everyone one, and to coach Paul Gannon who was a great support to all his athletes, both of whom travelled on the day to support.

Dunboyne AC medal haul:

Gold – Roisin Bell (100), Marie Tobin (400), Michael Cornyn (400)

Silver – Jane Bandila (3000), Marie Tobin (200), Roisin Bell (200), Michael Cornyn (200)

Bronze – Michael Cornyn (800)


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