Incident Reporting

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Policy on Incident Reporting

The fundamental goal of Dunboyne Athletic Club is to provide a positive Athletics experience for the Dunboyne and surrounding community. Despite the considerable efforts of our volunteer coaches and valuable support from our member families, it is an unfortunate fact that incidents impacting the Athletics experience can and do occur from time to time.
The purpose of this policy is to describe our efforts to avoid those incidents and the process for addressing them when they occur.

Reporting Procedures
Reporting procedures may vary depending upon whether an incident concerns a matter solely within the Club’s Domain or a matter involving persons outside of the Club.
We appreciate the sensitive nature of reported incidents and will make every effort to ensure that information received by the Incident Reporting Committee is kept confidential, except to the limited extent necessary to evaluate and respond to reported incidents.

Club-Related Incidents
Incidents concerning any matter that is solely within our domain should be reported directly to the Coach. Incident reports should include the following information to the extent known or applicable:

  • the relevant date, time and field location
  • the direct person involved
  • the names of any individuals involved
  • a brief description of the incident being reported
  • any other information that might be relevant

Promptly following the receipt of an incident report, the Incident Reporting Committee will provide an acknowledgement of receipt to the reporting person and undertake a review process to better understand the incident and the causes that led up to it. The review process will include contacting the parties involved and may include independent investigation into such other matters as the Incident Reporting Committee deems relevant. The review process shall be completed as promptly as practicable, but need not be completed within any specific time frame.

Following the conclusion of its review process, the Incident Reporting Committee shall meet to consider its findings and to determine what action, if any, the Club will take in response to the reported incident. The Incident Reporting Committee shall consult with our President/Chairman before any disciplinary sanction may be imposed.

The Incident Reporting Committee shall notify a reporting person not later than two business days after it reaches a decision. The notice shall provide a summary of any action taken or to be taken by the Club. In the event any disciplinary sanction is imposed in connection with any reported incident, the Incident Reporting Committee shall notify the person or persons to be sanctioned within two business days after the decision to impose the sanction is made.