2021 Couch to 5K – Final 5K and RESULTS !

2021 Couch to 5K – Final 5K and RESULTS !

Sat Dec 11th and Tuesday Dec 14th saw the running of our C5K, Final 5Ks.

Several of the Saturday morning finalists turned out and ran the course again on Tuesday evening providing great support to their colleagues and also improving their PBs in some cases – very impressive !

So well done to each and every one of you, you committed to the program and achieved the big goal and we are so proud of you all !

You were a wonderful group and went through the program with great humour and spirits.
And well done to *everyone* who took part even if you were not able to make the final 5K runs.
We hope that you will all consider staying with us in 2022 !

Finally, a *huge thanks* to the amazing C5K Team without whom the program would not have taken place.
This was our first C5K since the start of C**VID, the first to take place at the end of the year (thanks to Lyndon’s inspiration !) and the first since our former leader Eleanor departed to new pastures – hope we did OK Eleanor !

So many thanks to Lyndon, Emilia, Dawn, Denise, Emer, Nicola, Susan, Teresa, Oonagh and Noel !
We all hope to be back again with C5K in Q1 next year and we hope that our 2020 team members who couldn’t take part this time will be back as well !

The Results !

Amanda Drury 00:36:26

Angela Cannon 00:49:31

Anthony Malone 00:36:31

Aoife Smyth 00:34:32

Bláthnaid Peacock 00:28:05

Bridget Rodden 00:36:55

Caoilainn OBrien 00:36:17

Carmel Jordan 00:42:21

Carrie Lord 00:34:38

Ciara Dunne 00:35:06

Ciara Henry 00:41:57

Conor McMorrow 00:36:01

Deirdre Donnelly 00:33:50

Deirdre Hendrick 00:34:31

Denis OBrien 00:39:14

Denise Walsh 00:33:47

Emma Ward 00:48:19

Fiona Byrne 00:49:31

Fionna Comerford 00:30:11

Genny Hendricks 00:35:41

Georgina Walsh 00:38:11

Helen Skehill 00:34:33

John O’Sullivan 00:39:56

Liam Burke 00:26:34

Martin Corrigan 00:29:21

Mary Burke 00:36:59

Maureen Cornyn 00:38:15

Mia Coburn 00:33:52

Niamh Byrne 00:39:49

Olivia Malone 00:38:59

Orla Skehill 00:34:29

Philip Flood 00:32:36

Rebecca Ward 00:44:35

Sean Skehill 00:32:06

Sinead McDonagh 00:38:13

Thomas Delany 00:23:23

Tracey Madden 00:36:27

Yvonne Doyle 00:39:32

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