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Below are the list of current roles the club needs help with in 2018. This will be updated soon for 2019. Helping with one of these will count towards your volunteer discount. Email us at dunboyneac@gmail.com if you can help. Thank you!


  • Da’camp co ordinator – collect money, manage rota, schedule notices for Facebook re times etc.
  • AAI stewarding leader – liaise with Athletics Ireland to place 20-30 DAC volunteers in the correct place at the race, there are three of theses each year.
  • Kids camp co ordinator – organise activities, helpers and groups etc to manage this event. The new coordinator can copy previous year’s activities and structure


Stewarding and other tasks:

  • Night Run, 22nd April 2018 – 20-30 people needed to steward this race, 7.30-10 pm approximately, no experience necessary
  • Remembrance Run, November – 20-30 stewards needed


More information on the Dunboyne AC Volunteering Discount

Our club is large and successful and is giving a lot back to members. However we’ve become a victim of our own success: there’s so much to do now that low volunteering levels means that it’s no longer possible to continue to run the club as is. We need to encourage members to help run their club, and to do this we’re introducing a volunteering discount. If you don’t have time to volunteer, if you’re busy with your personal life, busy with other clubs in the community, or simply would prefer not to, then you will now pay a small amount more on your membership to reflect this. If you don’t want to pay more then it’s simple – put your name against some of these events or roles and you’ll get a discount when it comes to renewal time. We’re hopeful this will improve the club for everyone and make it a better run, more enjoyable club to be part of.


2017 is used to record volunteering activities, and this will be used against 2018 fees (and so on in subsequent years). If you’ve volunteered in 2017 then you don’t pay the increased fee: if you haven’t volunteered then you do pay. The club’s Volunteer Officer records volunteering activities. Every adult member must volunteer or else pay the increase. Where only children are members, one parent or guardian from every family must volunteer. The discount will be available to each adult member, or each family where just juveniles are members. LTM holders are exempt.

Types of Volunteering Tasks

  • Events – task may vary between stewarding, set up, catering, or other. Time needed will vary from 3 – 5 hours. Contact the Volunteer Officer with any queries. dacvolunteers@gmail.com
  • Subcommittees or Groups – time taken may be one hour a week for the year, from home, or a number of hours over a short period of time, once a year. Here are the list of sub committees and roles: http://dunboyneathleticclub.com/subcommittees/
  • There may be other ad-hoc things you may be asked to do, such as forming a ‘meithil’ to do a track tidy, or some other similar and short group help tasks.

Choose a role or event from the list on our website and add your name to the list. Email dacvolunteers@gmail.com with any queries you have, or ask our Volunteer Officer. Your name and event/role should be recorded in advance and must be verified.

Late year joiners

Those joining mid-year must volunteer in the same way as those who joined in January. Those joining from September on and availing of the reduced rate need only do a small or short volunteering task to qualify for the reduced rate in Year 2. If there are no events which are suitable before year end, or for which volunteers are needed, ask the Volunteer officer to allocate a one off job, or what role might require short term help. This list of events for which you can help will be posted here for 2019.

Copy of letter sent to members, March 2017

6th March, 2017

Dear member

The Committee of Dunboyne AC is made up of members who give up so much of their valuable free time to manage and run the club.  The committee cannot do their job without the help of all the members and parents of juveniles to give a few hours of their time throughout the year, to help out at these events. The committee spends a lot of time looking for volunteers and we feel that if we have a list of names in advance it will make our job a little less time consuming and easier.

We have listed the events on our website that you can sign up to help out at, and when the time comes we will contact you to check your availability.


Our membership fees will increase in 2018. To get a discount against the increased fee you will need to have volunteered during 2017.  If you don’t volunteer during 2017 then you will incur the increase when you renew your membership in January 2018.

The increase will be applied to adult memberships and pro rata’d for juveniles and for family memberships.Ways for you to volunteer are listed on our website, or you can speak to any of the committee, or you can email dacvolunteers@gmail.com for ideas.

We have a dedicated Volunteer Officer (Roisin Bell) who will answer your questions and also record your volunteering activity during 2017. If you’ve volunteered you’ll receive your own personal code to enter online when you register again during 2018, and this will trigger your discount.

If you volunteer please do contact the Volunteer Officer (dacvolunteers@gmail.com) and make sure we have a record of what you’ve done.

Come on, get behind our club and make it a win-win situation for everyone!!

Teresa Smith, Club Chairperson