Couch to 5 k graduation – 25th Feb 2017

Couch to 5 k graduation – 25th Feb 2017

That was some amazing way to finish the Mid term break. Our C25K runners graduated!! 42 of them came this Saturday to the club for their 5k. The day didn’t start in a sunny way but little by little the wind eased and was not raining. As every session, they did a couple of laps to warm up before getting a group photo under the sponsor banner, Avonmore protein milk donated by Adrian Tiernan. Thanks so much Adrian!
After that everything was set up, the time clock, the numbers, the time sheets and more importantly our runners.
A bit after 11 the whistle went off and our runners started their very own 5k challenge.
As a viewer it was great to see how they all have their own tactics to count their 12 and a half laps. Some used stones, others elastic bands, others… we don’t know. Everyone paced themselves perfectly… slower or faster… everyone at the pace it suited each of them and that is a very difficult skill to have.
Their faces said everything, the determination, worry, concentration but always a smile.
Families came to see and support their runners, husbands , wives, children,…. all cheering!
Suddenly all starting to arrive to the finish line, one by one, congratulating each other, cheering for the rest to come! Everyone got their well deserved medal and went upstairs for teas and coffees and delicious scones brought by Nathalie Mahon for all to enjoy!

Thanks to Claire Clifford for the photos taken that you can find here and to all runners, volunteers and supporters for such a great day and Congratulations again to the graduates for their achievement.

This does not end here! Course continues until 26th March to become a Couch to 4 Mile graduate!!! See you on Tuesday. Same time, same place! it’s a date!

Adrian Tiernan 28:44
Adrienne Doyle 37:30
Ciara Clerkin 37:50
Ciara Malone 38:36
Claire Duncan 36:26
Damien O’Reilly 29:38
Dawn Tolan 42:35
Edel Keague 35:57
Eimear Begley 34:05
Elaine Corcoran 31:48
Emer Tonge 35:42
Emma Counihan 33:35
Emma Heagney 34:00
Emma McConnell 32:19
Eoin Moran 32:59
Fiona Barnes 33:17
Helen McCarthy 35:19
Ilona Machinska 36:29
Jacqui Barry 31:15
Janet Lowthe 36:44
Joe Hickey 26:09
John Corcoran 31:10
Kellyanne Moran 36:12
Lisa Bonner 35:02
Lisa Stewart 27:57
Maria Murphy 42:45
Mo Gilsenan 37:59
Natalie Mahon 35:02
Nicola Sludds 36:25
Nigel Dunne 25:01
Orla Finn 31:15
Sean Cox 28:20
Sean Glynn 25:02
Sheila O’Hagan 35:02
Sinead Gleeson 38:00
Sinead Kirwan 35:02
Siobhan Hoyne 31:01
Tom McCarthy 38:16
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