***Record Fit4Life turnout at Frank Duffy 10 Miler, Phoenix Park, Saturday 22nd August 2015***

***Record Fit4Life turnout at Frank Duffy 10 Miler, Phoenix Park, Saturday 22nd August 2015***

These days when we are spoiled for race choices and Fit4Lifers are travelling far and wide to cover a multitude of races and distances, it is rare to achieve a mass turnout at any single event, never mind a 10-miler. We knew distance challenges were on the agenda for some of the more eager beavers this year, but we hadn’t fully braced ourselves for the 25 Fit4Lifers who took on the Frank Duffy 10-miler on Saturday in the Phoenix Park.

Conditions were dry, if a little humid. This year’s course was about as fair as a Phoenix Park race can be, but naturally there were a few hills to contend with.

As always, we offer very special congratulations to those who made their debuts over the 10-mile distance. Bernie O’Connor, Clare Bexon and Laura McNulty had, earlier this year, got a half-marathon under their belts and Billy Brannigan has completed more than a few halves to date, but all 4 were tackling their first ever 10-miler on Saturday and they did it in some style. Well done folks on your “leaving-no-stone-unturned” approach to distance running. Every distance is a learning curve and new experience and a new challenge conquered. Fair play!

A further 9 boldly went further than they had ever gone before and made their first transition from 10K to 10 miles. Congratulations to Angela Egan, Ann Marie Gralton, Lisa Lord, Liz Harte, Lyndon Thomas, Rob Webb, Sam Hamilton, Sarah Faulkner and Seamus McGovern who upped the ante and made 10 miles look annoyingly easy when we know well that it isn’t. Super times were recorded by all, times that seasoned 10-milers would be justifiably proud of, never mind debutantes. Kudos all round on a fantastic achievement folks.

If our sources are correct, Ann Garrett, Jennifer Clancy and Sinead Webb were making their second outing over 10 miles and they turned out seriously impressive performances. They had clearly learned some lessons and wasted no time putting them to good effect. Well done ladies.

Of course a few of our more regular distance and race series die-hards were on hand to show us all that these feats are possible on a regular basis where sustained hard work, commitment, perseverance, dedication and all that good stuff are in plentiful supply. Congratulations to Ana Quigley, Aoife Hyland, Eileen Soraghan, Jackie Brannigan, Lauren Flood, Louise Taylor, Margaret Leddy, Siobhan Campbell and Stephen O’Beirne for maintaining a fantastic level of fitness and participation.

While we don’t like to single anyone out on a day when every performance was impressive in its own way, we have to make an exception for Lauren Flood who led Fit4Life home in an amazing time of 1.24.04 and claimed 3rd place in her age category. A category placing is fantastic in any event, but in the race series, in a field of 4,077 it is absolutely phenomenal! Congratulations Lauren, we’re delighted for you.

All of our racers were very grateful to our club supporters and photographers who made the 10 miles shorter, including the competing Seniors who came back to support at the final stages. We spotted Alan McKernan, AnneMarie Sheehan, Claire Clifford, Claire NiFhaircheallaigh, Dunboyne Scouts, Ger Fagan, Greg McLoughlin, Jan Rice, Mick Foy, Nicola McKernan, Owen Fletcher, Paul Gannon, Paul Hanaphy, Paul O’Donnell and Pauline Singleton among others. Many thanks folks. (P.S. If you missed out on this club support, you mustn’t have been wearing a Dunboyne AC singlet. We can point you in the right direction!)

The award for best performance by a club spectator was won by Mick Foy who, having completed his own 10-miler in impressive fashion, turned back to support all Fit4Lifers in their native languages. His vocabulary was expansive and his English near-fluent and as he shouted “well done, you’re doing great, nearly there.” But as Ana del Val (aka Ana Quigley) approached we thought his number was up until he channelled Speedy Gonzalez and hollered “Arriba!” sending Ana sprinting towards the line. His little buddy, Alan McKernan (aka S3A) also tried hard and pulled out all the stops. When Angela Egan dropped her gel at the 5-mile mark, he grabbed his cape and his red undies from his bag, sprinted towards the gel and sprinted after Angela to reunite them. Then again, at the closing stages, when Jackie Brannigan called for water, he peeled open his shirt revealing an “S” and produced a bottle of water. Sadly, he didn’t speak any Spanish at all and his English was barely intelligible.

The romantic gesture of the day was brought to us by Geoff Hamilton who, having completed his own race, came back to collect Sam and escort and encourage her to the finish line making Jan Rice totes emosh! No doubt this romantic gesture was emulated by every proud Dunboyne ACer whose other half was in action… eh Paul Lord, Jackie Brannigan and Kevin Clancy??

Thanks, as always to our dedicated coaches Paul, Gary and Rory. A special thank you to Alan McKernan and Mick Foy who have taken our distance contenders under their wing with training plans, Q&A’s, information, irreverence and comedy. (If you’re not already in their loop, be sure to let us know at training this week.) Well done again to our 25 racers on your fantastic performances at the Frank Duffy 10-miler. Names and times are shown below. Wear your t-shirt at training for the obligatory photo. It is a well known fact that anyone who can do 10 miles can do 13! Half-marathon? Anyone?

Please see the photo album from Claire Clifford.Thanks a lot Claire!!! Photos are fantastic!!


Ana Quigley 1.42.02
Angela Egan 1.44.06 Debut
Ann Garrett 1.32.49
Ann Marie Gralton 1.34.10 Debut
Aoife Hyland 1.38.26
Bernie O’Connor 1.37.30 Debut
Billy Brannigan 1.45.56 Debut
Clare Bexon 1.48.15 Debut
Eileen Soraghan 1.37.33
Jackie Brannigan 1.24.14
Jennifer Clancy 1.37.09
Laura McNulty 1.33.22 Debut
Lauren Flood 1.24.04 3rd in category
Lisa Lord 1.48.16 Debut
Liz Harte 1.48.15 Debut
Louise Taylor 1.42.12
Lyndon Thomas 1.29.13 Debut
Margaret Leddy 1.40.45
Rob Webb 1.42.19 Debut
Sam Hamilton 1.54.20 Debut
Sarah Faulkner 1.28.16 Debut
Seamus McGovern 1.39.28 Debut
Sinead Webb 1.43.21
Siobhan Campbell 1.32.35
Stephen O’Beirne 1.30.38

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