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Fit4Life celebrate Coach Gary’s Silver

Celebrating Coach Gary O’Hanlon’s Silver in the National Marathon Championship at Fit4Life training on Thursday night….. because success has many fathers…..and Fit4Life hangers-on. Congratulations Gary!  

Upcoming Races

Juvenile – XC 2015

Below is a list of Cross Country events taking place between now and Christmas. We will update you as soon as the locations have been confirmed. 04.10.2015 Meath Even Age,

Fit4Life News & Reports

Fit4Life at Dublin City Marathon

Just some of our Marathoners showing off their souvenir tops and medals at training last night. Wear them with pride folks; you earned them! It was a light enough session

Fit4Life News & Reports

Jennifer Clancy’s Dublin City Marathon Report

With thanks to Jennifer for this great report. As we know she’s never one for fuss or fanfare, we can consider ourselves doubly honoured that she has shared her experience

Fit4Life News & Reports

Vivienne Lennon’s Dublin City Marathon Report

With thanks to Viv for indulging us with this report. We’re a very demanding lot. Not content with 26.2 miles, we wanted a report too! Dublin Marathon 2015 was my

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The Heroes of Dublin City Marathon

Hi I’m Donal from Cork. I’ve been with this great club now for nearly 3 years. Although I’ve been injured and doing new baby stuff for most of this year

Senior News & Reports

Seniors at Dublin City Marathon

Seniors at Dublin City Marathon, Bank Holiday Monday, 26th October 2015 The real race reports can be heard from 9pm this evening in Brady’s, put away the laptop and get down

Senior News & Reports

John O’Malley’s Dublin City Marathon Report

With many thanks to John for this great report… I’d always had a personal goal that at some point “in the future” I’d love to give the marathon a go.

Senior News & Reports

Paul Lord’s Dublin City Marathon Report

With thanks to Paul for this fantastic report… Are you doing the marathon? People kept asking me. I don’t know, I don’t know, stop asking, I don’t want to even